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  • Demand in the paper industry picks up

      According to statistics, in February, the sales volume of various finished paper markets increased rapidly. Among them, the sales of corrugated paper increased rapidly, with a month-on-month increase of 259.5%. Others such as white board paper increased by 91.3% month-on-month, bobbin paper inc...
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  • Price trend for waste paper

         Through the observation of market changes, this week the domestic price of waste paper rose trend, then the price of waste paper in middle of china slightly back, but the overall trend is still rising. At present, after the Spring Festival atmosphere, paper mills have entered the state of op...
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  • The 18th China(Guangzhou) International Pulp & Paper Industry Expo, Guangzhou international paper instead of plastic and pulp molding Exhibition

      Guangzhou International Paper Expo (English: Paper Expo China) began in 2004. After seventeen sessions of development and continuous innovation, it has served more than 1,500 exhibitors and 150,000 buyers, including those from Southeast Asia, Foreign businessmen from the Middle East, Europe and...
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  • Pulp’s price trend

    The price of wood pulp will continues to be high in short-term, and the supply and demand of pulp needs time to recover. Due to the insufficient supply of chemical raw materials and wood raw materials, it is difficult to alleviate in a short time. The increase in ocean freight is related to the r...
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  • Current paper industry supply, demand and competition pattern

    Overseas economies have gradually recovered from the impact of the epidemic and demand recovery, driving the increase in paper consumption, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and overseas supply is obviously insufficient. Domestic enterprises have increased the export of paper prod...
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  • 2022 Mid-Year Sale!

    To support our valued old customers, Golden paper is offering great discount prices. Promotion time  from Aug. 10th, 2022 to Aug. 24th, 2022. Contact us to get more detail :) Mobile:008613621988469(Whatsapp/Wechat) Email:sale@goldenpapergroup.com
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  • Paper shortage in Europe and the United States: new books are postponed and paper towels are also snapped up

    The world has been plagued by paper shortages in recent months.   There are many news that can be confirmed. For example, British newspapers are starting to become thinner and the number of pages is beginning to decrease; the United States may face a “paper shortage” in the print...
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  • Many paper mills in Europe and the United States are also in trouble due to insufficient supply, which will cause their paper production to remain low for a long time.

    Some university presses in North America and Europe say their printing schedules are now taking at least twice as long as in the past, forcing them to change their publishing schedules, choose a different type of paper and use more expensive custom presses. Tim Jones, director of design and publi...
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  • German paper production may be halted due to gas shortage

    The head of the German Paper Industry Association, Winfried Shaur, said that the lack of natural gas may greatly affect German paper production, and the cessation of natural gas supply may lead to a complete shutdown. “No one knows whether it will be possible to produce this autumn or winte...
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  • In May 2022, the domestic papermaking output was 11.892 million tons, and the export value exceeded 6 billion yuan for the first time

    The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that in May 2022, the output of machine-made paper and cardboard in China was 11.892 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 1.2%. In the first five months of this year, the cumulative output of machine-made paper and cardboard was 56....
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  • Analysis of the development trend of China’s paper industry

    Supply and demand trends: increasing demand, optimization of supply structure As an important basic raw material industry, the paper industry occupies an important position in the national economy. The paper industry is related to the country’s economy, culture, production and national defe...
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  • Conclusion and outlook for 2022

    In 2021, pulp prices will rise and fall, and will remain basically the same throughout the year. The sharp rise in the first quarter and the decline in the third quarter are still dominated by finished paper. The production capacity of finished paper is on the rise, which makes it difficult for p...
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